painted ladies

painted ladies

painted ladies
Spark of a thought
different views
aloe plant
I'm thinking how much I.....

art exhibition ( painting and installation)
Artist : Irina Abaza
Invited artist, Adrian Gabor – with 5 printed photos (project ROAD SIDE/DN1 – part of MORA EMERGING 2018 programme )

Opening : Friday , 5th April
7 pm

Who’s who? And what do you want from me?

2 years of vacation on a mattress or a deep sleep

When I woke up I felt like my life was stolen

Bits of words were misunderstood because everybody is in a big hurry or in lethargy
In these 2 years lots of flying fishes touched my skin until I got an allergy

Then I had this horrible dream with insects, big green insects, those, those that can take the shape
Of a leaf or a stick, and there was a bigger one looking like a “mantis religiosa“ insect, and it had blue eyes.
they were all
Climbing my hair
When I woke up in the morning I saw my hair in the mirror and it looked really strange,
Then I decided to cut it

In this sleep there were some “memories” that never belonged to me, it was like somebody else was trying to posses my whole being and in the same time trying to steal from me my vigor, my memories. Deep down I was screaming I do not want to have this exchange, or this kind of knowledge, or this kind of love, or these needs, or these acquaintances, or a life full of hate and lies.

The printed images are scanned from the book “Painted ladies”, a book that contains vintage and tinted photos.