Irina Abaza

3 iunie – 30 iunie 2016

Andreea David, Ada Bivolaru, Ana Maria Gheorghe, Maria Mora, Marilena Burcea, Renata Scorobete, Jean-Lorin Sterian


An event part of Bucharest Biennale – Bucharest International Biennial of Contemporary Art – Parallel Events
Behind those doors

Part 2

There are those moments when one wonders about who you actually are, about life, meanings, believes, truths and lies, justice, moral, immoral or simply amoral, about beauty, ugliness, behaviors, standards and conventions, freewill, destiny, God, humans, animals, plants and everything that has life, about love, relationship, sexuality, the truth behind the lines, colors and shapes, blacks and whites, about art as a way of living or just one way of being who you are, mainstream or personal, according to a specific way of being raised and educated, about being true to your own life, or being part of a system or ideology, about freedom, set free in its amazing richness of semantics or reduced to a moral understanding of its signification, about light and darkness, languages, sounds – moments when one’s head is full of questions, without the real possibility of having the perfect tools to analyze everything through, knowing that another hundred lifetimes is needed for this research.

And you know that somehow all those questions are actually making you a whole, while feeling that each question or possible answer is breaking your being in debris.

And you walk outside the house with this head full of questions and possible answers and you stop. And you start to look outside: you watch the trees, people, streets, houses and cars, your child, your friends, the sky, the birds, the dogs and again you wait for the revelation moment which doesn’t come. I look to these familiar things I see every day. I know them, I know their answers or I think I know.

Then, I start to watch the closed doors in my head, closed from fear, disdain, prejudice, sufferance or ignorance. I search into all the labels I put on these doors, some doors are called with the same name. Once you open them, you discover the nuances, the differences, the discrepancies.

Marilena Burcea, Mara Patriche, Eugen Radescu, Adriana Mereuta, Cristina Taras, Mihaela Miron, Carmen Ciobanu

Irina Abaza graduated in 2002 from UNA Bucharest. Together with Mara Patriche and Cristina Taras, she runs MORA ART CENTER from Bucharest and has a long and rich experience in developing and implementing cultural and arts projects. In her artworks, she describes profoundly human experiences and emotions, like drama, mistery, personal sense/sensitivity, intimacy, poetry.